Scholarship essays and the matter you put into it are to be dealt with very carefully, because in most cases, the outcome will be crucial to the student. Every part of it should be carefully crafted and skillfully shaped. The scholarship essay introduction is that which requires the most of your attention, for several reasons.

While presenting yourself and your skills in a piece of paper for someone to judge for monetary assistance, the main challenge you will face is that, the person at the other end is not eager to give the scholarship away to anyone who crosses their path. You will be judged against so many other applicants and you have to be the best in comparison, to be awarded the opportunity.

It is a mind numbing job to browse through a lot of documents or articles belonging to the same category. There is also the fact that since the authorities will be handling a lot of applications for the scholarship, they will not have much time to sit and read your scholarship essay in detail. All that they will manage is to go through it briskly before deciding whether it is worth short-listing. This determines the importance making your scholarship essay introduction as interesting and impressive as possible.

One thing that can capture their attention is an interesting introduction. Hence you have to be careful about what goes into it.

It is not necessary to make the introduction a summary of the contents of the rest of the essay, as you might be doing in your other essays. Here your introduction just needs to be something that will give them a hint of where you will be heading.

Your style of writing should appeal to the reader. The first line of introduction is not expected to be a self introduction. You will be attaching a formal bio-data and a summary of your qualifications and the necessary certificates separately, which will definitely tell them who you are and what all you have been certified for. In its stead, you can tell them some interesting and personal fact about yourself, which is not mentioned in the bio data. For example, if you are applying for a scholarship to pursue nursing, you can start off like this:

“The day I witnessed how, the genuine care of a nurse helped my close friend (or relative) struggle through and come out of the toughest phase of her illness, I realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was quite aware that there would be obstacles in my way up till there but I was determined not to let anything stop me from becoming what I want to be.”

Every individual has their own unique experiences in their lives and their own different view of it. But what makes their experiences interesting, is the way it is narrated and related to the specific topic of discussion. If you are not sure of your creative skills, you can take help from us. Our writers have the experience of preparing numerous custom research papers, custom term papers and all types of writing assignments for students and they will be able to help you with your scholarship essay introduction or the whole essay itself, as would be your choice.