It is very interesting to write a book report unless you have ended up with a book you particularly dislike. Even then, it is much easier than writing a research paper. But even in this particular exercise, there are certain things which need to be watched.

Any kind of academic papers can be made easier to handle, if you are disciplined and organized. This applies to all kinds of writing projects you might be facing during your academic curriculum. Forming an outline of what you want to write, is the best way to start off your book report. Find time to read the book twice at the very least and during your second reading, take notes on the characters and the plot as you read on.

Once you are through with this, you may move on to linking all these points to make an outline of the report you would be writing. Choose only the relevant points from the book for the outline. This is the skeleton of your report and it should be strong enough. While preparing the outline, organize all the points you have noted so that you will be able to save yourself, the trouble of having to rearrange fully formed paragraphs later on.

While writing your book report, keep it in mind that it is not exactly the same as a book review. The names itself  tell you the difference. One is a review where you will be expected to review the book but the other one is where, all you are expected to do is report the book or show what you have understood of that particular book. The former will be a critical analysis of the book whereas, in the latter, you are not expected to be critical of the author or the book, even though you are permitted to express your opinions mildly through your report, in order to show your grasp of the book.

Once the outline is formed, you may start expanding it to fit it into the right number of pages. Here, again, make sure that irrelevant or less important points don’t take up your valuable space. Your book report should convey factors such as the author, the background or events which led to the writing of the book if any, the time and space of time where the content of the book takes place and a summary or synopsis of the book.

While summarizing the book, do not lose the essence of the book and to make sure this does not happen, it is ideal that you take your second reading very seriously and apply a lot of concentration so as to be able to find all the important facts in the book.

The initial part of reading the book more than once, is vital to writing a good book report. This demands a lot of time and focus on your work. If you feel lost at any point of your task, you can take help from our expert writers who have many exceptionally well written academic writing projects, including custom research papers and term papers they have done for students, to their credit.