Preparing Research Paper Footnotes in MLA Format

January 31st, 2010

MLA style of documentation is the preferred style for recording scholarly findings in arts and humanities subjects. The exact method of citing the sources in an MLA style research paper depends on the assignment guidelines as this style offers various methods for the purpose. Research paper footnotes, even though not a much preferred way of referencing in MLA style, is not forbidden either. Hence you should refer to your assignment guidelines to check whether the use of footnotes is either specified or forbidden. Parenthetical references are preferred above footnotes. This is due to the fact that in-text citations do not…

Choosing the Topic for your GED Essay

January 31st, 2010

Choosing the topic for an academic assignment is usually something you do after doing some research. You will have at least a few hours to make your choice. But when it comes to a GED essay, choosing a topic is a completely different matter altogether. For the same reason it is necessary to understand the process well before presenting yourself for the GED test. You do not have to worry about rummaging among the long list of topics when it comes to GED tests as GED essays come with a choice of pre-assigned topics. But it can also be considered…

How to Prepare for your GED Essay

January 30th, 2010

GED tests or General educational development tests are designed to evaluate the academic skills of students. It is considered to be a great achievement to successfully get through this test. The test if conducted in two stages. One of them is that of essay writing. The GED essays will not be a very easy task even for those who are good with their studies. Only quick thinking and efficient writing can help you while dealing with a GED test. One advantage of GED tests is that it follows a specific pattern. This will give you the chance to prepare yourself…

Formatting Research Paper Footnotes in Chicago Style

January 30th, 2010

There are many aspects which form the criteria of judging a research paper. In addition to your knowledge of the topic and subject, your capability of understanding and following the guidelines would also be evaluated. The style asked for, in the guidelines, is one of those points which will be used to judge your submission. The Chicago style of documentation is the most favored style for history research documentation. The use of research paper footnotes is one feature that distinguishes this style of writing. The Chicago style offers two types of research documentation; the humanities style and the scientific style….

Facts to Know about GED Essays

January 30th, 2010

The first thing to know about GED essays is that it is not as bad as it has been projected to be. It might be tough as it is meant to test the level of your skills. For the same reason it is not meant to be the easiest of assignments. No assessment will be accurate unless put through difficult tests. But if you prepare yourself well for the task, it need not be as impossible as is feared by students. One of the general aspects you can note is that GED stands for General Educational Development. These tests are…

Proper Usage of Research Paper Footnotes

January 29th, 2010

Research paper footnotes are used for various purposes. Different documentation styles have their own rules and limitations on the use of footnotes. Hence the first thing to find out before using them is whether they are permitted by the style of writing asked for by your instructor, for your assignment. You should also check whether there are any instructions in the guidelines which specifically ask for footnotes or forbid its use in the assignment. The main purpose of a footnote in a research paper assignment is to give information on the sources to the readers, as they are reading through….