Studying a History Research Paper Rubric

January 22nd, 2010

A good understanding of the rubric of your assignment will help you in giving your research paper the kind of perfection expected of it. The grading criterion is highly dependent on the level of education, the subject, the style and the kind of topic you are dealing with. But there are a few basic points which will be part all history research paper rubrics. Since history deals with the past and is based on evidence related to dates, unless the research paper abides to the guidelines perfectly, your professor or the committee would not be able to follow you. Hence…

Preparing a Good History Research Paper Conclusion

January 21st, 2010

History research papers are not the easiest of assignments to handle. It can get quite frustrating to go back in time and dig among facts which look extremely complicated. Considering that your audience would also be listening to information which might be new to them you should put in extra effort to make your research paper as organized as possible. Good presentation will not only help the audience to follow your paper but it will also assist you to make an effortless presentation. The structure of a research paper contributes to the clarity of the presentation, to a great extent….

How to prepare an interesting Opinion Research Paper Thesis

January 21st, 2010

Opinions research papers differ from other research papers in all its aspects due to the fact that it is a research paper on an ‘opinion’ and not a fact. This difference affects all parts of the structure of this type of research paper, including its thesis. If you do not understand the difference, you might end up presenting a thesis which doesn’t suit the assignment, which will in turn disqualify your submission. In order to learn how to write an opinion research paper thesis, you need to first learn the basic aspects related to a research paper thesis. A thesis…

How to Write an Opinion Research Paper Conclusion

January 20th, 2010

Opinion research papers are different from all other research papers in its nature and objective. It is very important to understand the difference before you start writing your research paper as the specifications of this type of research papers are to be applied to all parts of your research paper. Each section of your research paper structure should be framed keeping in mind the unique nature of this type if research papers. The opinion research paper conclusion is also quite different from that of other research papers. The main difference in the objective of an opinion research paper is that…

Facts to Consider about your History Research Paper Thesis

January 20th, 2010

A thesis, as you may already be aware of, is the objective of your research paper. It is your view or theory on the topic of your research paper. The same applies to history research papers also. But the nature of the thesis changes along with the type of research paper and the subject you are dealing with. Even so, there are a few basic aspects you should know while writing your history research paper. The thesis will be stated more than once in your research paper. It will appear in your abstract, your introduction and your conclusion also. Whereas…

The Body Paragraphs of an Opinion Research Paper

January 19th, 2010

In order to give an opinion about something, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the topic that is being discussed. Opinions which are not have the base of a good knowledge of the topic sound hollow and fail to impress the audience. The same applies to opinion research papers also. A thorough study is absolutely necessary to generate an impressive opinion. But equally important is the skill to present it effectively enough to impress the audience. It is through the body paragraphs of your research paper that you present your theory or thesis to your audience. And…