Writing effective 10 page research papers

Research papers are of different types. Students get to handle almost all of them at least once by the time they are through with their studies. 10 page research papers are a particular type of research paper with a page limit of 10 pages, as is evident from the term. It often proves difficult to manage to stick within the prescribed page limit of research papers. But as it is mandatory to stay within the page limit, it is better that you choose the various elements of the research paper with regard to the page limit.

Choosing the topic

10 page research paper  A research paper which consists of 10 pages is not exactly a very long one; nor is it a short research paper. Hence, while choosing the topic for a 10 page research paper, you must choose a topic which is neither too generalized nor too narrowly focused. If the topic is too generalized, then you might find it difficult to find enough relevant information to fill the pages. And, if the topic is too narrow, then you might have trouble containing the information within the 10 pages.

Structuring the paper

Usually research papers come with a minimum and maximum page limit. But 10 page research papers don’t. Hence, it is important that you are clear about the amount of information you put together, from the beginning. Gathering more information than can be contained within the 10 pages would be a waste of your time.

The use of a research paper outline can be very helpful, especially in research papers with a fixed page limit of 10 pages. The outline will help you to identify the sections and frame the paper within the prescribed page limit. At the stage of preparing the outline itself, you can plan the length of your paper. The advantage of using an outline is that your paper will more or less be of the suggested length.

Editing the paper

It is during the editing process that you would actually bring the paper down to 10 pages. If you have used an outline, this may not prove difficult. But while editing, you need to be careful about a few things. Some of the factors which can go wrong, while you add or edit sentences within your paper, without you noticing it are:

• The sentence structure – When you cut off a portion of a sentence, it is easy to miss linking words like but, if etc, which would in turn result in wrong sentence structure.

• The transition between paragraphs: While taking one sentence off your paper, always remember to check whether the one before that and after that still connect well. Students often forget to do this and, more than often, the sentences before and after the one which was deleted don’t transit smoothly enough between each other. This affects the smooth flow of the paper.

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