An outline for a research paper on Tempest

Are you about to do a research paper on The Tempest? One of the comedies written by William Shakespeare, The Tempest will prove an interesting subject to write on. The story is interesting and a bit complex due to the involvement of magic. While you write the research paper it is important to read the play over and over again. You will definitely discover more and more facts as you read on. Let us take a look at the outline of The Tempest.

The play starts with the scene of a storm, relating to the title of the play. You meet King Alonso of Naples, his brother Sebastian and one of his arrogant friends, Antonio, in this scene. They are on their way back home after the marriage of the King’s daughter. The King’s counselor, Gonzalo, is the only gentleman whom you will see in the first act. Towards the end of the first scene, the tempest splits the ship in half.

The following scene brings to you, in an isolated island close to where the ship sank, Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, who was overthrown by his brother Antonio with the help of Alonso. Prospero and his two year old daughter Miranda were abandoned at the sea and they had reached this island where they have been living since. But now you see Miranda as a beautiful fifteen year old girl.

It turns out that Prospero, who had learned magic, had conjured the storm to bring his enemies to him. He doesn’t wish them to be dead. He just wants them to realize their mistakes.

Prospero had killed an evil witch who once ruled the island and freed a spirit who was her slave. The spirit called Ariel is now under his command. He shall be released when Prospero has taken revenge upon his enemies. There is also Caliban who is the disfigured and savage son of the witch whom Prospero killed. Prospero has kept him as his slave. He hates Prospero.

As the play progresses we are introduced to the character of Ferdinand, who is Alonso’s son but a very good natured and handsome young man. Prospero gets Ariel to arrange Ferdinand and Miranda to meet each other. Ferdinand and Miranda falls in love and Prospero is happy about it but hides it till the end of the play to test Ferdinand.

The play ends on a happy note as Ferdinand and Miranda gets married and Alonso regrets his deeds. Prospero returns to Milan, restored as the Duke.

This is the thinnest possible outline of the comedy which still rules the category. But to write a research paper on this, you will apparently have to go deeper into the story and learn each character separately. If you lack time or interest to do it, you can get a custom research paper done on the topic. You can choose how much of it you want to do yourself and which bit of it you want to get done. Your custom term paper or research paper will be, as the name suggests, tailored to your preferences. So what is stopping you?