How to identify good topics for research papers?

The topic of a research paper is the research question addressed in the paper. Most students are not clear about what the specifications of a good topic are. Furthermore, they do not know how to differentiate a good topic from a suitable topic. Ignorance on these aspects often results in poorly chosen topics and unimpressive research papers. In order to be able to fairly judge the suitability of a research paper topic, you will first need to learn how to identify good topics for research papers.

Spotting good research paper topics

A Good Topic for a Research Paper    A research paper topic is one of the most important elements of a research paper and a wrong choice of topic can affect the whole research paper. Hence, every minute you spend on searching for a good topic for a research paper is worth it. There are various aspects which qualify a topic as good for research. First and foremost, it must be one with high scope in the research area of the subject. Topics which have existing solutions don’t excite the audience, unless your thesis is an extremely interesting one. It is safer to go for a research question which is yet to be solved.

Ascertaining the suitability of research topics

There are numerous good topics for research papers. But not all of them would be suitable for all projects alike. The suitability of a topic, for a particular research paper project, depends on various factors. If you do not pay attention to those factors while choosing your research topic, your research paper would stand the risk of getting rejected. Let us take a look at what all makes a good topic suitable for a particular project.

• The guidelines: Each research project comes with a specific objective. The rules of a project would be set with regard to the objective of that project. Most project guidelines contain instructions regarding the choice of topic and if so, those would form a part of the criteria of evaluation. Hence, out of the good topics you have short listed for your paper, you must first identify those which fit into the guideline instructions regarding the topic.

• The proposed audience: Another factor to be considered while picking your topic is the intellectual level of your proposed audience. If you have not been asked to address any particular audience, then count your instructor as your audience. The topic you pick must be one which would be able to generate interest in your audience. Assessing the audience is an important part of writing a research paper. Having a clear idea of what your audiences expect from you is necessary not only while picking the topic but during the research paper writing stage as well.

• Your familiarity with the topic: Studying a topic from scratch can be quite tiresome while working on a research paper. It is better to choose a topic which is familiar enough to you. That would give you more time to study the topic more deeply and in greater detail. If you can find a topic which you have been following up for a while and of which you possess a deep knowledge. The depth of your knowledge will clearly reflect through your research paper and will impress your audience.

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