One of the biggest issues faced by modern world is the rise in the number of abortions. While writing an abortion research paper, you will get the opportunity to address this issue which has gone completely out of control, in most of the countries in the world.

This is one subject which will give you a lot of options for a topic to discuss. A few of those topics could be:

• How many countries give legal permission for abortion?
• Under what all circumstances will an abortion be considered, legal?
• What are the main factors which lead to such a rise in the number of abortions?
• Is it reasonable for a rape victim to want an abortion?

Another option for a topic for your abortion research paper could be the circumstances that can be logically considered as reasonable for an abortion.

You will find out, during your research, that a lot of abortions are totally unreasonable. In today’s world where all children grow up being aware of what could lead to an unwanted pregnancy and in an age where it is not at all difficult to take precautions, it is a sin when a child gets aborted only because the mother is unmarried and has conceived out of sheer negligence. Abortion is an insult to motherhood when done for such unreasonable excuses. Most people do not realize that what they are aborting or terminating is as much of a human being as they themselves are.
There could be certain reasons which can be considered logically reasonable for abortions. A situation where the mother faces complications which can prove life-threatening for her can be called reasonable. Or yet, if it a very young rape victim who is not yet ready for motherhood gets pregnant as a result of the assault or if a rape victim is not psychologically willing to give birth to the child of the man or one of the men who raped her, then it might be a situation which can be considered.

There are also cases where the baby is so deformed that it would be a sin to bring it into a world of suffering. In certain such cases the parents opt to abort the child only to save the baby from the suffering. That is another situation which can be taken into consideration.

While writing your research paper you can include recent events related to your topic from journals and newspapers and also facts which can support your argument from books on the topic. Since it is a current issue, it will be great to include a lot of points from the latest issues of magazines, journals or newspapers. Do remember the seriousness of the issue you are discussing to be able to do justice to your research paper.

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