It may not be possible for someone to suggest a suitable topic for your assignment without studying your guidelines. Going through some research paper samples and checking out research topics, in general, will give you an idea of the topics you can choose for your academic research paper. But do not forget to ensure that the topic you choose fits very well into the guidelines of the assignment.

While choosing a topic for your a research paper in academic level, do not try to attempt very complex topics which are outside your syllabus, unless you are very confident about your knowledge of it. It is always ideal to choose a research paper topic which is within your academic curriculum for your academic research paper. Here are some examples of topics which can be considered in an academic level.


1. Do you consider women superior, equal or inferior to men? Explain the answer.
2. How do anti-social elements affect the smooth existence of a society?
3. What, according to your opinion, is the cause of the increasing divorce rates in the society?
4. What are the situations in which you consider abortion reasonable? Justify your opinion.


1. Pick an author and present your theory on what all he could have accomplished and what his virtues and vices were.
2. Do a critical study of a work in literature with stress on an aspect which has not been noticed before.
3. Compare two authors who are famous for their works in the same section of literature.
4. In your opinion, the use of colloquial language in modern poetry is good or bad? Justify your opinion in your academic research paper.


1. Choose a particular country and research into whether its history has influenced the tourism, economy or any other specific aspect of that nation
2. Do a research on any historical figure and form a hypothesis on any aspect of the life of that person.
3. Wars and related aspects are favorite research topics for all levels of students. Just choose one which you can handle at your educational level.
4. The influence of historical attacks in the current conditions of a nation.


1. Do a comparative analysis of two types of medicine. Example: Homeopathy and English Medicine.
2. Do the modern methods of abortion have any after-effects?
3. From the point of view of medical ethics, should Euthanasia, or mercy killing, be allowed?
4. Choose a particular drug and explain how the healing properties of that drug are worthless due to the side-effects of the medicine.


1. Are the existing short term punishments good enough for rapists, considering that they psychology murder their victims?
2. Will it help to bring down the divorce rates if the laws granting the separation are stricter?
3. Should women who commit murder be treated more leniently than men who commit the same crime? Explain your view.
4. What is the loop-hole, in the property laws, which leaves people vulnerable to being cheated by property agents, in a particular nation?

There is no dearth of academic research paper topics in any subject. But knowing what is expected of you and how much you can handle is the key to being able to choose an appropriate topic for your research paper.