Understanding analysis research papers

Most students are familiar with the definition of research paper. But not many are familiar with the specifications of the various types of research papers. Analysis research papers are among the most common types of projects given out to students of all levels. Analytical papers give the students a chance to analyze a topic thoroughly, thus helping them in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the topic.

The specifications of analysis papers

Each type of research paper aims at accomplishing a different kind of task. Understanding the objective of the assignment is necessary to be able to deal with the various stages of research paper writing.

There are certain aspects which are unique to analysis papers.

1. An analysis research paper focuses on studying a topic in detail with respect to all its related factors. Most types of research papers use analytical methods in the initial stages of research. But an analysis paper focuses only on the analytical report.

Analysis Research Paper2. Most research papers work on a pre-determined theory or thesis where your research would be aimed at proving your hypothesis. But in an analytical assignment, your theory will take shape only when you have completed your research. Instead of conducting the research based on a theory, an analysis paper works towards forming a theory as a result of the research.

3. Analysis papers will not address any specific research problem. It will merely study an object or a topic to form an idea of it. The analytical report will be a conclusive theory which would address the prominent attributes of the topic. It will give the reader a very clear view of the specific nature of the topic in question.

4. Unlike research papers which would argue a point, analytical papers merely present the theory. There would be absolutely no arguments, persuasions or criticism. All that is expected of an analytical paper is a conclusive theory on the topic and a clear and legible description of the methods which led to the conclusion.

The basic format for analytical research papers

In order to bring out the best in a research topic, it must be presented as per the standard formats suggested for that type of research papers. The same works for analysis research papers also. The basic analytical paper format asks for:

• A title which clearly indicates the content.
• An introduction which introduces the scope of the topic and nature of analysis.
• A thesis statement which conveys the theory precisely.
• Body paragraphs which elaborates, explains and, if necessary, illustrates the analytical procedure.
• A conclusion which summarizes the contents, reinstates the thesis and concludes the analytical report.
• A bibliography section which gives the details of all the sources used for research.

Analysis papers are fun to work on, if the topic is one that interests you. Remember to choose a topic which has enough scope for an in-depth analysis. For example, if you are dealing with an analytical project in chemistry, not all chemistry research paper topics would work for an analytical paper. You will need a topic which has not been analyzed before.

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