A bibliography, as almost everyone is aware of, is the proper, systematic listing of sources used for reference purposes. Bibliography is an important part of all writing assignments, especially academic assignments. Most students aren’t aware of the fact that it is one of the most essential pieces of information that should be included in their research papers and term papers. There are many methods of preparing a bibliography. Annotated bibliography is one of them.

Each assignment will have its own guidelines on what type of bibliography should be provided. If it is an annotated one that has been asked for, you will have to keep more time aside for it than what you would for an abstract bibliography. Annotated bibliography, as the name clearly conveys, requires an annotation of the information on each of the sources. This is aimed at determining the relevance of the sources chosen and the knowledge of the student on the chosen sources. Even though the exact information required for the bibliography of each assignment should be determined according to the guidelines, there are certain standard facts that are supposed to be included in it.

In addition to the normal bibliographic information, you are supposed to give some additional information also in an annotated one. One of the main things to be included is the precisely written background information on the author of the source. This is to ascertain the authority of the author on the topic. A summary of the contents or a brief description of what the book is about is another piece of information to be mentioned while annotating the references. You can choose whichever is shorter as the annotations are usually expected to stay, preferably, within 150 words.

The next important thing to be mentioned is that of the relation the book has with the topic of your assignment. This will take some space as you will be expected to justify your choice of this particular source. Mention if the entire book was of use in your research or only a particular chapter. Write about how much it assisted you in your research.

In certain annotated bibliographies which ask for an analytical view, a critical assessment of the source in question is also permitted. This depends on the guidelines. If the guidelines permit you to do it, you can include your positive and negative remarks about the author and the source in your annotated bibliography. Make sure to keep all these information precise.

There are many other types of bibliography also, each with its own separate methods and rules. Understanding the nature and requirements of each of them is essential to being able to prepare a good one.

An annotated bibliography involves much more research and precise writing skills than that of an abstract one. Hence, include it in your time sheet separately and keep aside at least one day for each of the sources, if not more. If you are tight for time, you may take assistance from professional academic writers to get your bibliography done in the perfect manner.