Research paper writing is a difficult and time consuming process but if you organize yourself well then you can make it less tiresome and more enjoyable. You should start putting things in order even before you prepare a proposal. You have to consider the style, the type and the other particulars given for your research paper. For example, if you are asked to write an analytical research paper, then your planning should be a bit different from that of an argumentative research paper.

Unlike an argumentative research paper where you will be arguing about or against a topic, in an analytical research paper, as the name suggests, you will be analyzing or studying something to discover something new about the topic. What you discover about it could be just your own view of something about which many others have expressed their views or sometimes it is something completely new.

Here you will not be arguing about anything nor will you be contradicting anyone else. You will merely be expressing your views or your investigation results on a particular topic. You are not asked to force anyone to believe in your idea. All that you are expected to do is, present a fresh taking on the topic in question which the readers can accept or reject. What matters is that you have quality content to fill the given number of sheets. You should have material to support your idea or view. Whether the committee agrees to the view or not, your points should be able to justify your view.

You should also not criticize the views expressed by others, because, it will not qualify as an analytical research paper if you apply argumentative methods. You should not compare your views with that of others either. You can mention the previously expressed views by other researchers very briefly as long as you are not trying to prove them wrong against your own take on the topic. Sticking to the guidelines, is the key to producing a good research paper.

Certain topics require extensive research and certain others do not require so much research. Depending on the nature of the research paper you have to decide how much research you need to put in and time it accordingly.

If you are expecting to produce an outstanding research paper it is necessary to give it enough time and effort. Those topics which require less research will need more time for extensive thinking and application of your own ideas. And those which need more research will require your effort for that. In effect, whatever the topic is or whatever the genre or type it is, the effort involved is somewhat the same.

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