Some points to remember while using APA format examples

Using an APA format example for reference is most certainly permissible as long as you know where to draw the line. If you are not aware of how to use APA samples and what all the restrictions in usage are, it can do you more harm than good to refer to the example. On the other hand, knowing and remembering the purpose of the sample will help you make the best of it without putting yourself in trouble.

If you have a basic knowledge of the style and knows what exactly you want to use your sample for, then the matter is quite simple. But if you are completely new to the concept of research paper writing or the APA research paper format, you will need more than one sample to figure out the various aspects of the style. You can use your APA format examples, to figure out:

  • The layout of the style. Each style has a specific pattern or layout for the various sections of a research paper. There are flexible aspects as well as fixed ones. Use your examples to get a clear idea of the flexible elements of the layout of an APA style research paper and the fixed ones of the same.
  • The citation methods or referencing style. Each style has a unique way of citing the sources. And each source is to be cited in a different manner. This, even though finely defined in the manual of style, may not be clear to you unless you see some examples of the same. And it is extremely important that you cite your sources in the most appropriate manner as it is one of the most prominent parts of a research paper. Inadequate or inappropriate citations can lead to the accusation of plagiarism.
  • The page format which includes the spacing, the margins, the font size etc. The instructions on the page formatting, given in the style manual, may not be easy to understand if you are new to the style. But these aspects can be easily understood when you go through APA format examples.
  • The structure of the research paper. There are various components to a research paper. The appropriate order in which these should be arranged can also be determined from the example you are referring to.

While using examples of APA format for reference, remember that you are not allowed to use any portion of the example, in your research paper, without citing the source. Today, there are very effective methods of detecting plagiarism and once accused, it can leave a black mark in your academic as well as future career. Hence, never take a chance with it.

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