What to look for in an APA format example paper

Many students fail to pay as much attention to the formatting of their research papers, sometimes due to lack of time or some other times, due to the ignorance of the significance of research paper formatting. But, if your paper is not formatted as per the style advised by the guidelines, your paper can even get disqualified. Each subject has a preferred format, even though your teachers are at liberty to ask for any style for the research papers they assign. APA format is mainly used for the documentation of research data in social sciences. If you are unfamiliar with APA style, you must go through the latest edition of APA style manual as well as some APA format example papers, in order to learn how the style works.

Studying examples is the ideal way to get a grasp of something. But, when it comes to academic writing, you must be cautious about what you choose as an example. While you are studying examples for the purpose of understanding a particular documentation style, there are certain things to be confirmed, about the example you choose.

  • APA style has certain rules which are subject to clauses. For example, the usage of footnotes is not allowed for the purpose of referencing. But you are permitted to use it for another purpose. Footnotes, in APA style, can be used to give the readers additional information on points which are related to your topic but not relevant enough to be elaborated in your research paper. The APA format example paper you choose must be one that was prepared with due regard to all such clauses and one which illustrates all the options of these rules. Only if you see all the options, you will be able to understand the difference. If you fail to find one example which illustrates all the options, choose more examples to find out about the other options.
  • Documentation styles employ the use of specific fonts, spacing and margins as per the documentation requirements of the subject the style was developed for. While choosing examples, you must ensure that the one you choose has adhered to these fine definitions of the APA style. An example which has not paid attention to the finer details cannot be considered a good one.
  • Documentation styles update their rules at regular intervals. APA style is no different. There will be minor but prominent changes in the style features, every time it goes through an updating process. You will come across APA format example papers which were prepared as per outdated styles as well. Beware of such examples as they will mislead you and show your ignorance of the latest style updates.

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