The specific features of APA format research papers

Research papers assignments carry a lot of specifications and instructions in the guidelines. One of the most important of them all is the instructions regarding the documentation format of the research paper. There are various styles used for the documentation of research papers. Out of those, a few are more commonly used for academic research papers. APA style, developed by the American Psychological Association, is one of them. Even though it can be used for all subjects, it is usually preferred by social sciences. In order to prepare an impressive APA format research paper, you must know what sets it apart from the other styles.

Even the finest aspects of research paper writing are finely defined in the APA style manual. There are some which are somewhat similar to the other styles and there are some which are unique to this style. If you have a good idea of the features which are peculiar to the style, it would be much easier to prepare your APA format research papers. The specifications of APA style are:

• The use of a running head: The most unique aspect of the style is the use of a running head. It is that part of your title which can stand on its own and still convey the complete meaning of the title. The running head would appear on the title page and all the following pages. It is to be given on the top right hand corner of the pages, alongside the page number.

• The restrictions on the usage of footnotes: While writing an APA format research paper, you must always remember the restrictions on the usage of footnotes. This style strictly forbids the use of footnotes for reference purposes. You may use footnotes if you wish to give your audience some additional information on the text, which is not relevant enough to be included in your research paper. These can be linked to the text using numbers or characters.

• In-text citations or parenthetical references: APA style uses in-text citations in the “author – date” format. These must correspond to the information given in the bibliographical reference section of your research paper.

• The References: The section where you cite your sources is to be given the heading of ‘References’. The ideal methods for citing the various types of sources must be ascertained from the updated style manual. Remember to check whether you have the latest manual because all documentation styles keep getting updated at regular intervals.

APA style is quite inflexible in its rules and conditions. Hence, it is important to have an accurate grasp of its specifications while preparing APA format research papers. If you get your APA research paper formatted or prepared by professionals, we can help you there. Our writers specialize in academic writing and hence, are always well-informed of the latest style updates. If your assignment guidelines specify any alterations or changes in the style, those shall be accommodated too. Our writers would be able to prepare an outstanding custom research paper for you, in APA format, as per your requirements.