Understanding the specifications of APA format research papers

The APA documentation style is one of the commonly used ones for academic assignments. It is mostly used for the documentation of research papers in subjects like psychology and sociology. The APA style was developed by the American Psychological Association with respect to the documentation requirements of research findings in psychology. This style is quite similar to the ASA style which was developed by the American Sociological Association for sociology. Hence APA is also the most commonly used sociology research paper format in academia. There are various aspects to be taken care of while preparing an APA format research paper.

The APA style is very particular about its rules and it is rather inflexible compared to the MLA style. There are many clauses to be worried about and many features which are unique to the APA style. Some of the specific features of the APA style can be listed as follows:

• The running head: The use of a running head is one of the aspects which are absolutely unique to the APA research paper format. A running head is a part of the main title which can convey a complete meaning. This phrase must give the reader a partial idea of the main title and the content of the research paper. It is to first appear on the title page aligned centrally, a few spaces down from the top. It is to then repeat on all pages alongside the page number.

APA Format Research Paper• The restrictions on the usage of footnotes: Another point to worry about when you write research papers in APA style is that of the restricted use of footnotes. If you do not understand the clauses properly, you might end up using it for the wrong purpose. APA style, very strictly, forbids the use of footnotes for the purpose of referencing or, in other words, citing the sources. But do not be misunderstood that footnotes cannot be used in an APA format research paper, at all. While writing research papers, it often happens that you come across information which can be useful to your audience for further reference on your topic but is too irrelevant to be included in the research paper. Footnotes, in APA style, are to be used only for this purpose. You can give any additional information to your audience, on your topic, using footnotes.

• The references: The bibliography section of APA format research papers must be given the heading of ‘References’ and must be prepared as per the rules given in the latest edition of the style manual. Each type of source is to be cited in a specific manner and every instruction must be followed to its finest detail.

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