A good APA research paper example

The APA style of documentation was developed by the American Psychological Association to meet the documentation requirements of subjects like psychology. It is quite similar to the ASA style which was developed by the American Sociological Association. Hence, APA is the most preferred research paper format for sociology as well. You would be able to get a basic understanding of the style and its specifications if you go through the APA style manual. And referring to a good APA research paper example would give you a much better idea of how to go about applying the style.

A good research paper formatted as per the APA style guidelines would include the elements mentioned below. This APA research paper example can be used to understand the basic specifications of the assignment.

The title page

APA research paper examples• The running head – Top right hand corner, alongside the page number.
• The title – centrally aligned along the line which would separate the top quarter of the page.
• The author’s name – in the third quarter or the top of the fourth quarter of the page, centrally aligned.
• The course title – right below the title, double spaced.
• The professor’s name – below the course title, leaving double space.
• The date – Below the professor’s name, again, double spaced.

The research paper

• In-text citations in the “(author, date)” format for reference purposes.
• Footnotes, if you have some extra information for the readers regarding any part of the text.
• One inch margins on each side
• 10-12pt font, Times new roman or any similar fonts which are good for formal documentation.
• Double spacing.

The references:

• To be printed on a separate page.
• The heading of ‘references’ to be printed at the top of the page, centrally aligned.
• The list should be alphabetically organized as per the surnames of the authors.

While using the APA research paper format, remember that you are never to use footnotes for referencing purposes. APA style strictly forbids it. And also remember that the running head must appear on all pages, alongside the page number. This feature is also unique to the APA format. If you check out some APA research paper examples you will get a very good idea of how to use these features appropriately.

In addition to these basic formatting rules, you will also have to check the latest style manual for any changes in the rules which might have happened during the updating process. You must also refer to the guidelines to check whether there are any specific instructions which ask for alterations in the basic style. Remember that nothing counts above the project guidelines.

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