Specifications of the APA research paper format

It is necessary to know the basics of a documentation style, to be able to apply it to the document. As academic research papers are so common and because every one of them has to be formatted, it is better if you learn the basics of all the research paper formats which you use often for your academic writing assignments. If you are a sociology or psychology student, then the APA research paper format would be the one you use more often.

If you learn certain basic aspects regarding the style, you will just need to update yourself on the latest changes made in the style every now and then. This will save you a lot of time while you are preparing your APA format research paper. A research paper has various components and those there is a specific way of presenting each of those components in the APA format.

The title page

As per the APA research paper format, the title page must have:

• The complete title printed a few spaces down from the top, centrally aligned
• A part of the title to be given as the running head towards the top right hand side of the page, alongside the page number
• The name of the author to be printed a few spaces below the title
• The course title, the name of the professor and the date to be printed below the author’s name, one below the other, double-spaced

The parenthetical references:

APA research paper formatThe in-text citations or the parenthetical references are meant to help the reader link the cited portion to the information given in the bibliography section. The APA format:

• Uses the author-date system for in-text citations.
• The surname of the author and the year of publication are to be given in brackets, separated by a comma, next to the cited text. Ex: (Gladwell, 2004)
• Forbids the use of footnotes for reference purposes. Footnotes can only be used for giving additional information on any part of the text, to the reader.

The bibliography section

APA research paper format also requires you to give a separate section of bibliographical references. The bibliography section in APA style:

• Is to be given the heading of ‘References’
• Must be attached as the last page of the document
• Must be prepared in alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors
• Must be formatted as per the instructions given in the manual regarding the citation methods for the different types of sources

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