The unique features of APA style research papers

The APA style of documentation is the most preferred format for social sciences. It was developed by the American Psychological Association with due respect to the specific nature of psychological researches. The American Sociological Association developed the ASA style for sociology, but APA style is the one which is used for academic research papers in sociology as APA style and ASA are quite similar to each other. Writing an APA style research paper requires a good grasp of the basic specifications of the style and the latest edition of the style manual for reference.

APA is often used by many subjects other than sociology and psychology also. But if you are studying either of these two subjects, then it would be extremely helpful to you to have a good idea of how the APA style works as you will be handling many APA style research papers during your educational period.

The specifications of APA style

There are certain aspects which make the APA research paper format unique in nature. These must be noted and followed, at all costs, because these are the most important features of the style. The most specific aspects of the APA format, which are unique to the style, can be listed as follows:

APA Style Research Paper• The running head: This a feature which you will not find in any other documentation formats. A running head is a part of the title which conveys the complete idea even while standing on its own. This appears first on the title page, on the top right hand corner, alongside the page number, and is repeated on all the consecutive pages.

• The parenthetical referencing: APA style research papers require the in-text citations to be in the ‘(author, date)’ format. Here, the ‘author’ refers to the surname of the author and the ‘date’ refers to the year of publication. This information must tally with the detailed bibliographic references given separately, thus helping the reader connect the cited information to the details of its source.

• Restrictions on footnotes: One important point to be aware of while using parenthetical referencing in APA style is that the use of footnotes for referencing purposes is strictly forbidden. Students often make the mistake of using footnotes for referencing when they write research papers in APA style as there is a clause which allows the use of footnotes. But please note that footnotes are indeed allowed in APA style, but only for the purpose of giving additional information on any part of the text, to the reader.

• The bibliography: APA style requires a separate section which presents complete information on the sources used. This section is to be headed ‘References’. The information is to be alphabetically organized as per the surnames of the authors.

Writing an APA style research paper will be easy enough if you are aware of the specifications of the style. It is to be noted that the style keeps getting updated at regular intervals. Hence, always ensure that you have the latest edition of the style manual. If you need any help with the APA research paper format or any of the formats for research papers, do let us know. We have writers who specialize in the field of academic writing, who are also experts in their respective subject areas. They will be able to help you out with your academic writing worries. We also offer custom research papers, prepared to the customer’s satisfaction, in all subjects and levels.