Understanding the APA style research paper format

The APA format for research paper documentation was developed by the American Psychological Association; hence the name APA. This format is highly preferred by subjects like psychology and sociology for their research documentation purposes as it suits their specific requirements well. The APA style has defined the specific methods by which each part of a research paper must be formatted. It is better that you have a good idea of the basic nature and specifications of the style if you get to format assignments in the APA style research paper format, often.

APA Style Research Paper FormatAPA style has a manual which clearly explains how to go about formatting your document in APA style. But you need to study the guideline instructions regarding the formatting also as there would often be instructions regarding minor alterations in the basic formatting methods of the style. It is necessary to format a research paper with reference to the guideline instructions as well as the style manual. Always remember to refer to the latest edition of the manual of APA style as it gets updated at regular intervals.

There are various features which distinguish the APA research paper format from the other documentation formats.

• The running head: It is the most unique feature of the APA style. The running head is a part of the complete title of the document. The part which you choose must make complete sense while standing on its own and should convey the content matter effectively. The running head appears on the title page and on all the pages of the document on the upper right hand corner, alongside the page number.

• The parenthetical references: The APA style uses the ‘author-date’ format for in-text citations. Another very important point to note about the APA style research paper format is that it has strict rules concerning the usage of footnotes. It is forbidden to use footnotes for referencing in the APA style of documentation. Sometimes, you find some information, while doing research, which is related to the topic you are working on but is too irrelevant to be mentioned in the research paper. Information such as that would benefit the reader if he, or she, wants to dig deeper into the topic. If you wish to give any such information to the readers, that can be done through the footnotes. You can link the information to the text using special characters or numbers.

• The References: APA style research paper format also requires a separate bibliography section also to be attached to the end of the document. It is to be given the heading of ‘References’. The parenthetical references must tally with the information given in the ‘references’ section. The appropriate method of citing the various types of sources is clearly indicated in the manual.

APA style research paper format is very strict about its clauses and conditions. Hence, you must always keep the latest edition of APA style manual in hand while formatting your document in APA style. If you wish to get your research paper formatted by professionals, you need not look elsewhere. We can format your research paper for you as per the APA style guidelines and your project requirements. We can also prepare a custom research paper for you, if you wish to opt for that. Our writers are well-experienced in the academic writing field and familiar with the latest updates of the documentation styles. Hence, you can rest assured about the quality of the work we do for you.