A biographical research paper project gives you the chance of using another person’s experiences to prove a certain idea you have developed during your study of a particular topic or evaluate a person’s experience to research certain possibilities. It could be an interesting experience as you will be spending more time with real people than books as is the case in most of the research paper topics.

But before starting to write your paper, the main task will be to find the subject of research, a person who is willing to share his or her experiences; a person whose experiences can justify your argument. You will have to openly inform that person about the kind of questions you would ask and the fact that you will need accurate information to complete your paper. If the person is not informed of it before-hand, you might face issues later on, when a particular question you ask may not appeal to your subject.

Once you have found the person on whom you would write your biographical research paper, you can now consider fine-tuning your questions in such a way that your question will get the right kind of information needed for your paper. The questions should sound genuine and should be non-offensive and the answers of which will not be vague ones not related to your topic. With unnecessary questions you will be wasting your time and the time of your subject.

Getting the interview done without letting the person you are interviewing, lose his or her, enthusiasm, is a task you have to accomplish because once your subject loses interest or feel that the questions you are asking are repetitive, boring or irrelevant, the answers given, will suffer. You might also have to interview the friends or relatives of your subject if that is necessary.

Once you are through with the interview you should now make an outline of your research paper in order to be able to organize the points and make the information flow smoothly. Here you can separate paragraphs and arrange and rearrange them till it looks impressive and interesting.

After doing the outline, you may proceed to expand the points and connect the answers of your subject to your argument and towards the end, give a conclusion, which justifies your argument. Before submitting the paper, be sure to edit and proof read you paper to avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors spoiling an otherwise interesting research paper. One big advantage you have with a biographical research paper is that it can never be monotonous or repetitive in content as there are no two people who have the same kind of life. Last but least, make sure to submit it before the deadline. If you don’t, it will definitely leave a bad impression.

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