Are you pursuing biology as your subject for higher studies? If you are, you would have been learning biology for quite some time now and you will most certainly have enough knowledge on the base of the subject. But when you are asked to write a biology research paper, you will need more than just a basic understanding of the subject if you are aiming at securing excellent or even reasonably good grades.

Biology is, as everyone knows, the science which studies organisms and all forms of life. Anything that can grow on its own, if fed and watered, can be called living organisms. Since there were too many different types of living organisms, biology was divided into three main sub-sections –Zoology, botany and micro biology, for the purpose of studying each group in detail.

Zoology is that division of biology which deals with the structure, nature and evolutionary aspects of animals. It has further sub-divisions like anatomy, embryology, physiology, animal behavior and histology. There are further divisions to zoology and more sub-sections to each of these. If you are choosing to pursue zoology as your main subject then you will be getting into the details of each of these.

Botany deals with the scientific and structural aspects of plant life. Hence it can be described as plant biology or plant science. It studies everything related to the existence of plant life, starting from structure and metabolism to development, diseases, treatments, chemical properties and evolution. Botany is one of the oldest of sciences as men started studying the properties of plants from the time of his very existence, even though it was not yet recognized as a subject. It covers all types of plant life including fungi and algae.

Now the last main division of biology is micro biology. This section deals with the micro organisms. The easiest way to define micro-organisms is that they are those organisms which can’t be seen with naked eyes. Even micro biology has several further sub-divisions like virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology etc, each dealing with a different group of micro organisms. Micro biology is supposed to be the most difficult of all as the micro organisms are much more in number than other living beings and very difficult to study. Hence the science still remains one of those which have not advanced satisfactorily even though it is one of the most studied branches of biology.

It depends on your biology research paper topic, as to which sub-division you need to dig deeper into, as each of these further sub-divisions come with further sections which you need to worry about only if you are pursuing that particular branch of biology.

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