Career research papers, even though given for academic assessment purposes, have a much higher objective. It gives you a reason to consider your interests from a different view point.

Even if you ask a child, what he wants to become when he grows up, he will always have an answer. But as everyone knows, this answer is not to be taken seriously. Even though children, at different stages of their growth, feel strongly about certain careers, they never stop to consider the practical aspects of any of those.

The most important thing to understand while considering a career is that your interests may not always be the best career options for you. That should be kept in mind while you are trying to find a topic for your career research paper.

To start with, short list some careers you wish to consider. Do a research on each of those. Talk to people who have experience in the respective fields. Gather information from online sources. Find books which offer career guidance and note down the relevant points. Talk to people who know you well enough to offer opinion on what kind of job might suit you the best.

And most important of all, take some time out to look into your own future, from where you stand, and see if it looks feasible for you to head towards that particular career. Try balancing the negative and positive aspects about the shortlisted career options and see which ones weigh more heavily on the negative side. Evaluate your objectives. Answer some questions:

• What is the career option that appeals to you the most, at first look?
• Do you find it interesting enough to choose it as a career?
• Will you fit into the basic requirements for the job?
• Will that job be able to satisfy your salary expectations?
• Will it be beneficial for you in the long run?
• What are your strengths and will they complement your career option?
• What are your weak points and will it come in the way of your goal?
• Will you be able to handle the job well, facing all the challenges that might arise?

Once you have considered the answers to all these questions and any other questions that may concern your choice, you can finalize your topic for the career research paper, depending on the answers.

It may not be easy for you to figure out what you want to do with your life, at a point when you are still a student and choosing the career is not an urgent matter. It is also possible that you might end up in a completely different career path than what you have suggested in your research paper. But understand that it is never too early to consider which road you wish to take.

Your academic writing projects are meant to help you move ahead in your life. Make the best of it by keeping aside the necessary time and energy to come out with outstanding assignments. Take up the career research paper as a project for your personal benefit than that of an academic one.