The format for documenting chemistry research papers

Chemistry often proves tough even to the best of students. Chemistry research papers can prove to be impossible if not handled skillfully and carefully. The method and format for writing a research paper in chemistry would be different from that of arts and literature subjects as science subjects follow a different writing style and format for research documentation. It is important that you understand the main features of the subject, the format and the methods used for preparing chemistry papers, before starting to work on one.

Formatting research papers in chemistry

Chemistry Research PaperEven the best of ideas would get lost in the process of communicating it with your audience, if not presented appropriately. That is the reason why there are pre-set formats for documenting research data in the various subjects. Chemistry research papers are to follow the same format as is used for other science subjects unless advised otherwise by the instructors. The mandatory components of a chemistry paper can be listed as follows.

The title page

This section must be formatted as per the rules applicable for the documentation style you are using. But the section must include a title which clearly conveys the matter of discussion, the name of the author and date of submission.

The introduction

The length of the introductory paragraph depends on the length of the paper and the matter of discussion. This paragraph must contain an introduction to the topic and the concept, some relevant background information, the scope of the topic and the nature of research. You can also, optionally, mention the methodology used for research. Conclude the paragraph by highlighting the focus of your study or, in other words, address the research question.

The methods

Scientific research involves the use of various tools or instruments. A chemistry research paper which does not clearly demonstrate the method which produced the given results would be worthless. The procedure must be explained in the right order and the techniques used must be illustrated.

The results

Present the results of your experiment in this section. Be precise. There is no need to justify the results in this section of your paper. Do not elaborate or explain. Just present the research findings.


This part of your paper can be used to discuss the research findings and explain how the result addresses the research question. Talk about whether your hypothesis matched with the result. If not, tell your audience where you went wrong or why the results didn’t come out as expected. Tell your audience if the report of your study has completely answered the research question or if there are any more problems to be addressed. You are also expected to talk about the scope for further study in the area.


Each and every source used for reference must be cited as per the rules of the documentation style you are using.

There are various optional components also, like the abstract, the acknowledgements etc, which needs to be included only if the project guidelines ask for it. If you are not sure of how to present your chemistry research paper, we can assist you. We offer professional academic writing assistance to students of all subjects and levels. For students who require more than the basic research paper help, we offer research paper writing services as well. You may go through the research paper examples and other writing samples listed on our website and use them to judge the expertise of our writers.