What to know while choosing research paper topics

Out of the various academic assignments, research papers are the ones which cause maximum panic among students. It may not be the easiest of assignments, but it is not as difficult as it has been made out to be. If handled in a systematic manner, it need not be difficult at all. There are various elements which make a research paper interesting and impressive. If you make a note of all those elements and learn to incorporate them in your research paper, then research paper writing will no more stress you out. The first and most important task you would face while dealing with research assignments is that of choosing research paper topics.

It has often been observed that students waste a lot of time, searching for research paper topics. The delay is mostly owing to the fact that they search for the topic aimlessly, without having any idea of what is required. Knowing what you need and where to search for it is the key to finding the most suitable topic.

Identifying interesting research paper topics

‘An interesting topic’ and ‘a suitable topic’ are not exactly the same. There would be numerous good research topics but not all of them would be suitable for your project. There are many factors which contribute to the suitability of a research paper topic. When you start looking around for the best research paper topic for your project, there are certain questions which you can consider:

choosing research paper topic• Are there any specifications regarding the topic, in the guidelines? How much liberty do you have, regarding the choice of topic?
• Do you wish to research on a familiar topic or is there a topic which is new to you but which you wish to research on?
• How short, or long, is the deadline of the project? Is it long enough to accommodate the kind of topic which appeals to you?
• What is the subject area of research? Have you been asked to choose a topic from any particular section of your subject?
• How much time can you keep aside for choosing research paper topic for your project?

Picking the suitable topic for your research paper

Once you find the answers to these questions, you will be able to find some interesting research paper topics to short list. And from the short listed topics, you can pick one which suits your project. Another set of questions, about the topics which appeal to you, should point you towards the right direction.

• Does it fit into the guideline instructions?
• Does it offer a good research argument to work on?
• Can it be handled within the given time?
• Will it be easy to gain access to credible sources on the topic?
• Will it be as interesting to your audience as it is to you?

Choosing research paper topics would be a relatively easy task once you find the answers to these questions. And once you find the right topic, you will be able to prepare a great research paper for your project.

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