Research paper writing is one of the most regularly used assignments for academic assessment. For the same reason it becomes absolutely necessary for a student to learn and understand this genre of writing. One of the most important parts of research paper structure is that of the bibliography or the ‘works cited’ page. You should have a clear idea of the purpose of citing the sources, to appreciate it and to remember to include it in your assignment.

There are many rules which are applicable to research paper writing. It is absolutely necessary to become familiar with all those rules to avoid trouble in your academic life. Research papers are structured to perfectly suit and academic assessment.

You will have to refer to many books and other resources while doing research on a topic. But it is not right to use someone else’s research finding as your own for the purpose. It is not only considered wrong but it also comes under criminal offenses to use another person’s copyrighted information as your own. This, officially termed as plagiarism, is punishable and can burn a big hole in your academic career.

This is the reason why, in all the writing styles, you will find one page or a particular section dedicated to citing the sources. It is referred to by different names in different styles of writing. If it comes under the heading of ‘works cited’ in one particular style, in another it will be called ‘bibliography’ and in yet another one it might be given the heading of ‘references’. But it all comes down to the same thing – giving due credit to those who have contributed to your research paper writing assignment.

You do not have any excuses for not citing your sources. If caught with a missed citation, you will most certainly be charged with plagiarism and duly punished. Hence it is very important that you take all measures, not to accidentally or unintentionally, forget to mention any of the sources.

The best method is to keep noting down the sources, at the time you are taking rough notes itself, so as to not to forget where it came from. That way, you will not miss any of them. You have to refer to the handbook or manual of whichever style you are writing in, to find out how to cite a source. It has to be done exactly according to the rules of the style given.

You will find that there are many different methods to cite the sources. You will find in-text citation options and also options of citing it all together under a different section. Some styles permit it to be cited under a different heading but some styles specifically require it to be given as a separate sheet. You have to pay attention to these conditions to be able to successfully cite the sources for a research paper.

If you are short of time, it is ideal to get your research paper done or edited by professionals to make sure that you have included all the sources. There are methods by which you can run your work through a program which will pick the missed citations. You may get your research paper checked that way or take the trouble yourself. But remember that it is not worth it to take a chance when it comes to citing the sources.