For a comparison research paper to be effective you should be able to effectively manage the various components which are essential for an assignment of comparative nature. The presentation of the topics and the comparative study also matters in getting your research paper to be qualified as an impressive one. There are many things to consider before and while writing a comparison research paper.

The guidelines should be your first criteria for determining the style, topic and other aspects of your research paper. Study the guidelines to find out what the purpose of your assignment is. Consider the question.

• Have you been asked to focus on a particular topic and compare it with another one of similar nature to highlight the features of the former?
• Or have you been asked to find out why one subject is not good enough in comparison with another?
• Or yet, have you been asked to just compare the two subjects and bring out the good and bad in each of them, through comparison methods?
• Or is it just a comparison to ascertain the specific characteristics of the subjects?

Your main objective is to answer the research question satisfactorily. Whether you have chosen the topic yourself or have been assigned one by your teacher, you will be expected to fulfill the objective of your comparison research paper assignment. The thesis of your research paper will be based on the research question. Hence, understanding the research question is the first step to writing an impressive research paper.

While doing research, try to find sources which have an opined on both the subjects of comparison. That will help you understand the points better. But even if you cannot find such sources, it will not affect your research in anyway. What matters is that the sources you refer to are credible, reliable and relevant to your research topic.

For the successful comparison of the subjects, first identify the similarities. You need a common platform for comparison. Once you have identified them, you should use them as the focal point of your research. The type of information to be gathered depends on the type of paper you are writing and on the research question. But for fair comparison, it is inevitable to find topics which have some common features to form the base of your comparison.

Make sure to include a research paper outlining in your schedule. A comparison research paper will be extremely difficult to prepare without a good outline. An outline will not only highlight the comparative aspects; it will also help you find points which do not fit into the assignment. Outline, even though important for all research papers, is vital to the preparation of an effective research paper which employs comparison methods.

Writing a comparison research paper requires good assessing skills. You will have to weigh and assess the topics for the purpose of comparing them. And a thorough knowledge of the topics is essential for a good assessment. If you need help with your research paper assignment, you may consult our academic writers.