Comparison method is very interesting to work on. The research paper assignments which ask for a comparative study of topics also will be interesting to write. The method of research in comparison research papers is quite different from that of the others. So is the style of presentation. There are many aspects which come together to make a comparative study presentation interesting and effective.

One of the main tools for preparing an effective presentation on a comparative study is your research paper outline. It will give you an overview of the points gathered and help you in organizing them. You can present your study in more than one ways. If you can boast of excellent writing skills, you can go for the method of presenting it without sub headings or bullets. When you present it in continuous writing without any categorization, you will need to write very legibly in order to help your readers follow you.

While presenting your study without categorizations, start with a very informative introduction. Discuss the two topics or aspects of your comparative study. Then move on to state your thesis very clearly. In the body paragraphs of your comparison research paper, discuss the similarities which qualify the two subjects to be compared. Remember to arrange each point in separate paragraphs. Write legibly and move from one point to the other smoothly. Do not go back in between to discuss one point which was discussed before, as it will disrupt the flow of the writing and disturb the reader’s focus. In the conclusion reinstate the thesis statement by linking the main aspects of the comparative study. It is better not to attempt this type of presentation unless you are sure of your writing skills.

You can also present your comparison research paper more easily by categorizing the subjects and classifying the comparative features into separate groups. This type of presentation will be easier for the writer to prepare and the readers to follow. It will be more organized and the categories will make the report look neater.

For this type of presentation, first introduce your topic and then move on to explain the methodology of research. Once you have finished elaborating on them, you should discuss the sources used for your research and what route took you to the conclusion. From there you can proceed to present the report of your comparative study by separating the two subjects into two columns. List the aspects which your study was based on. These aspects which would be common to the two subjects should be listed against each other. Explain the result of the study under each feature.

The method you follow to present your comparison research paper doesn’t affect you in any way as long as you manage to bring the best out of each method by effective presentation. A fair evaluation of your skills in writing will help you determine which method will be best for you. Comparative studies, even though interesting, are not always easy for readers to understand as they have not been a part of the research. But with good presentation, you can make your research paper look impressive and interesting to the audience.