While writing a comparison research paper, you will be handling not one topic but two. You can also make do with one topic but you will need two related aspects which can be compared. Mostly it will be two different subjects which have some common aspects. Your choice of topic should adhere to the instructions in the guidelines of your assignment and the subject you are pursuing. For the same reason no one can tell you what, the most suitable topic for your assignment would be, without seeing your assignment guidelines. All the same, taking a look at some examples of comparison topics would help you to understand the criteria of the right kind of topic for this type of assignment.

Some examples of comparison research papers in literature are:

• The writing styles of two contemporary writers – Here the common factor would be that they belonged to the same age of literature.
• The contributions of two writers to a particular genre of literature. E. g, poetry: the genre is the common factor here.
• Two genres of literature: The fact that both the genres belong to literature would form the platform for comparison.

If you are writing a research paper in sociology, you will have to choose topics like:

• Two societies and their cultural differences
• The differences in two tribes within the same community.
• The changes in the status of women of ancient times and modern days, in a particular society. (Here the time period – ancient and modern – separates the same subject into two for comparison purposes)
• A study of the changes that come in a person’s social behavior before and after marriage. (Here it is the context that divides the subject into two – before and after.)

In a religious studies research paper you can compare aspects like:

• The differences in the religious beliefs and practices of people who belong to the same religion but different societies or countries.
• A comparative study of the religious aspects of two religions which has its base in the same country.
• A comparative analysis of the pros and cons of two religions.
If you are dealing with science subjects, you will be able to find topics like:
• The advantages and disadvantages of two types of medical sciences. E. g: Homeopathy and Allopathy.
• A comparative study of the chemical composition of two objects which come under a common category.

In every subject you will find numerous comparative research paper topics. Once you know what the criteria for choosing the two subjects is, it will be easy to find suitable topics for your research paper. If you take a look at the topics above, you will see that each of the set of topics or subjects of study have a similarity or a common aspect which qualify them as subjects of comparison. As long as you remember this basic point about the two topics to be compared, you should not have any trouble with finding the right ones.

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