Comparison research paper works on comparative study methods as is apparent from the name. Unlike other research papers, this type of research paper deals with more than one subject in the same assignment. Some assignments come with the research question. But if it has been left to you to choose the suitable topics for comparison, you will have to do some research before finding the perfect topics for your assignment. There are certain aspects which qualify two topics to be compared against each other.

One point to note about comparison assignment topics is that the two topics you choose for the purpose should have something in common. Two aspects which have nothing in common cannot be compared. For example, if one of your topics is ‘summer in America’, the other topic must either be ‘summer in Africa’ or ‘winter in America’. You cannot compare ‘summer in America’ to ‘winter in Africa’ as there is nothing common about those two. Without a common platform you can never compare two topics. Hence your second topic should correspond to the second one.

For other types of research papers, you can choose a topic that is completely new to you as long as you are willing to put in the extra trouble involved in studying the topic from scratch. But while dealing with a comparison research paper, you will be able to choose only from those topics which you are familiar with. This is due to the fact that a good knowledge of the topics is necessary to make a wise choice. This can be logically reasoned by the simple fact that without knowing the subjects well enough, you will not be able to decide if they have enough common features to be compared against each other.

Even if you wish to choose two fresh topics which you find out to have some similarities, it is better not to opt for it unless you have a very long deadline for the project. Comparison research papers involve double the effort due to the involvement of two topics. In order to manage a fair comparison of the topics you will need to do a thorough analytical study of both the topics. This will be even more time-consuming due to the fact that just a study will not be enough. You will have to analyze each of the features of the topics in relation to that of one another. Hence it is better if you choose topics which you are familiar with, even if you have the option of choosing unfamiliar ones.

The same applies to the sources also. Since you are facing the task of finding equally credible sources for both the topics, the availability of reliable sources also needs to be confirmed before choosing your comparison research paper topics.

Considering all these aspects, it is ideal to keep some time aside for researching on the suitable topics as well, when it comes to a comparison research paper. Since the outcome of your research and the impressiveness of your research paper is so dependent on the topics, it is not wise to take a chance with your choice.