The thesis of a research paper projects the theory on which the research paper is based on. Hence it is very important to make sure that the thesis statement of your research paper is written carefully. A comparison research paper is unique in its nature and objective. In this type of research papers, there are two topics or two aspects of the same topic which becomes the matter of the detailed study. Hence the thesis will also look slightly different from that of the other research papers.

The involvement of two topics or subjects makes a comparison research paper different from the others. It also makes it more difficult to frame those portions of the research paper which are preferred to be short. The thesis of the research paper, considering that it has to be stated in a single sentence, will also be a bit tricky to prepare as both the topics and their involvement in the theory will have to be clearly projected.

The thesis of your comparison research paper should not just include the two topics of discussion but it should also establish the connection between the two. Since comparison is based on common or similar aspects, you should be able to clearly highlight this connection through your thesis statement. The ideal length of a sentence is around 30-35 words.

The use of simple sentences are preferred for all types of assignments. But, more than often, a thesis statement is usually a complex or a compound-complex sentence as it has to incorporate the essence of the research. In a comparison assignment, it is even more probable that the thesis is stated through a complex sentence. If you can fit your theory into a simple sentence it is most ideal. But if you need to use a complex sentence for the purpose it should be written carefully. Poorly written complex sentences sometimes sound meaningless. It also runs the risk of conveying the wrong idea. And since the outcome of your assignment is dependent on how well you have proved your thesis, it is important to make sure that your theory has been conveyed well and in the right sense.

In order to prepare the thesis statement of your comparison research paper, consider both the topics. Consider what makes them eligible for being compared to or against each other. Think of what forms the link between the two topics. And think of what your comparative theory on the topics is. Form a rough outline of the thesis statement. See if it has successfully captured your idea or the theory. Check if the statement is reflecting the link between both the topics. If not rewrite it to include the missing points. The thesis statement should not talk of the methodology or sources or any other aspect other than the theory. Once you have formed a sentence which contains your theory accurately and fully, edit it to fit it into the right length.

It is very interesting to do a comparative study. The difficult part is to write a comparison research paper which effectively conveys your theory. If you are not being able to convey your idea through the right words, you may consider getting a custom research paper prepared according to your requirements.