Research paper introductions are short paragraphs which introduce the topic of discussion to the audience. Since it is the first paragraph of your assignment, it should be prepared very carefully. Knowing the preferred components of an introduction will help you prepare a good one. The structure of the introductions of almost all types of research paper is the same. What changes is the content. Depending on the objective of the assignment, the content of the introductory paragraph will change slightly. A comparison research paper, as you may already know, deals with two topics at the same time.

Both the topics used for the comparative study will be equally important. Hence both will have to be introduced separately to your audience. Certain assignments are planned to find out the better one of the two topics through comparative study whereas some are designed to bring out the best in one by comparing it with the other. The topics should be presented in your introductory paragraph with due consideration to the objective of your research paper.

The methodology of your assignment should be briefly mentioned in the introduction of your comparison research paper. Unlike other types of research papers, comparison assignments are rather subjective in nature. The nature of comparison is such that two people doing comparative study of the same topics, form different opinions on them. It is due to the fact that comparison is highly influenced by your perspective. Hence the audience should be made aware of what kind of comparative study you have done and what the focus of your discussion would be. Without knowing it, they may not be able to see what you are trying to show them.

The thesis statement of your comparison research paper would be stated as the last line of your introduction. This should be a clear statement which highlights the link between the two topics and also presents the theory you have formed as a result of the comparative study.

While including so many details in the introduction, you should be careful not to elaborate on any of them. An introductory paragraph is supposed to be short and crisp. Elaborations and discussions are to be kept for the body paragraphs. Only the most important points should be included in the introduction. Since comparison research papers involve two topics, it may not be easy to write a short introduction. Hence it is very important that you avoid using unnecessary words and phrases in this paragraph. Use only the most necessary words to introduce your topic and the theory.

Precise writing skills help a lot when you are facing the task of compressing so much information into a short paragraph. Try not to repeat words unnecessarily. For example; if you are talking about the common aspect of the two topics, put it in one sentence. Knowing how sentences can be framed without the use of unnecessary words is one of the most important lessons of simple but effective writing.

A comparison research paper introduction should introduce both the topics to the audience. It should also highlight the link between them as well as your theory on the comparison. A crisp and clear introduction is the best way to help your audience follow you and your research paper effortlessly.