The uniqueness of comparison research papers is not limited to the research. Everything about a comparison assignment is influenced by its unique nature of comparing the topics to get to the conclusion. Even though the structure of the research paper remains the same as the rest of them, the matter put into each of them is not of the same kind.

The most important objective of a research paper conclusion is to bring the research to a successful ending and summarize the report. You will also be reinstating your thesis in the conclusion of your research paper. In a comparative assignment you will sum up all the separate points of comparative study you presented in the body paragraphs of your research paper for the concluding paragraph. A comparative study is something that needs to be elaborated to be understood. But since there is no space for elaboration of points in the conclusion, you will have to summarize them.

While picking points for a comparative research paper conclusion, do not repeat the method or the analysis of both the topics. Just present those points which led to the conclusion you formed from the comparative study. For example; for the comparative analysis of public transport and private transport, you will be studying points like the comfort level of each transport, the convenience factor and so on. But in the conclusion, you just need to say which one you found to be better and which of the points of the comparative study would support your thesis.

For stating the thesis in your comparative research paper conclusion, do not use the same statement as you used in the introduction. Even though the theory would be the same as that stated in the introduction, while stating the same in the conclusion, be more authoritative. You can state your thesis with confidence in the conclusion as you have presented enough evidence towards the same. You will have to remind your audience of the main link between the two subjects of your comparative study and then state your theory for it to be effective. Remember that your audience may not be familiar with the topics you are talking about.

The number of points to be included in a comparison research paper conclusion will be more than those of other research papers. But that does not work as an excuse to let you conclusion be too long. You should keep your conclusion to a maximum of five to eight sentences. Whatever you say or state in the conclusion is for the audience to remember and consider. If the conclusion is too long it would look too vague and unfocused. Comparative study reports contain many points, each of them equally prominent. But you have to cut down on the words wherever you can to prepare a crisp and short conclusion.

Comparison research paper assignments, if not handled in the correct way, will not be effective enough. The structure plays a major part in conveying your point in an impressive manner. Hence each part of the research paper structure should be framed in the right way for your research paper to be impressive and effective.