Understanding the objective of the various components of research papers

A research paper consists of various parts, or sections, each of which serves a different and very specific purpose. Some of the research paper components are mandatory and some others optional for academic research papers. The project guidelines indicate the optional components which must be included even though you must not expect any mention of the mandatory components as those are to be understood. Hence, all students must have a clear idea of the mandatory and optional components of research papers.

The mandatory components

Components of a Research Paper     Some components of research papers are mandatory to those in academic as well as scholarly level. These components are vital to the success of the research paper and must not, at any cost, be omitted. You will not find any mention of the mandatory components anywhere in the project guidelines. Every student is expected to have an idea of the same. The mandatory components of a research paper are the title page, the introduction, the body paragraphs, the conclusion and the bibliography section. The title page gives concise information regarding the author, the title and the other course details. The introduction introduces the topic, gives the necessary background information and states the thesis. The body paragraphs discuss the topic in detail and present the information gathered towards the topic. The conclusion winds up the discussion after summarizing the main points and reinstating the theory. The bibliography section lists out the details of the sources used. Unless each of these components fulfill their purposes, a research paper will not be effective.

The optional components

Some research paper components are optional and are added only if the instructor finds it necessary for a particular project. The decision might depend on factors like the subject, the objective of the assignment, the length of the paper and the deadline. Some of the optional components are the research paper proposal, the abstract, the methodology chapter, the literature review, acknowledgements etc. Most of these components, when included, must be submitted before the research paper and during the period suggested in the guidelines. Even though these components are not mandatory, many instructors choose to include them in their projects to help students understand the purpose and presentation of those components. But unless specified, it is not necessary to include the optional components in your research paper. If in doubt, check with your instructor.

Getting assistance with research paper projects

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