There are many stages in a research paper writing procedure. Choosing the topic is one of them and developing a theory to argue on is another. A confusion about the topic and the thesis is quite often but unnecessary. A thesis is the focal point of all writing assignments. A topic is the research matter whereas the thesis is the specific research question. If choosing a good topic is important, choosing a suitable research paper thesis is even more so. And when it comes to controversial research papers, a wrong choice can fail you in your attempt.

Most controversies are mostly quite sensitive issues. Unlike other type of research paper topics, controversial topics are familiar to almost everyone. And the challenge involved in dealing with a controversial topic is that your readers, most probably, have their own theories about the controversy you are talking about. Adding to the challenge is the fact that you will have no idea what your reader’s stance on the controversy is. The reader could be someone who does not believe in your theory or even someone who strictly opposes you view. Basically, you do not know what kind of counter argument you are up against.

Unlike normal topics, controversial topics will not have just one existing view but many of them. Yours will just be one of them till you prove it. Hence you need to be very careful while choosing the stance you take on your topic for your controversial research paper. Your thesis must be one that is not just logically reasonable but also one that you can physically prove. It will not be enough for your view to be as good as any other. It must be better than all the rest of them for your research paper to be effective.

In order to prove your perspective above many other possible ones, your evidence will have to be unquestionably strong and relevant. You might have a very clear and strong take on a particular perspective of the topic. But in order to make your audience see the matter through your view point, you must have substantial evidence. Again, it is not enough that the evidence exists. You will have to present it in your research paper through credible means for them to believe in it. Hence it is quite necessary to confirm the availability of relevant and most credible research paper sources before finalizing the thesis of your controversial research paper.

Controversies are never easy to prove. You are not just seeking the solution for a research question, but you are seeking to find one that is the genuine one. It is most certainly a time-consuming process. Hence a wrong choice of thesis will delay you indefinitely and risk you missing your deadline. Hence remember to consider the assignment deadline also before closing in on the thesis for your controversial research paper.

The most obvious ones are never the most interesting ones. Your audience will be looking for surprises or shocks. Hence be sure to pick a thesis on which you are confident of being able to find some fresh information.

Pick your controversial research paper thesis with due consideration to all related aspects. Once you submit the research paper proposal or the research paper abstract, it might be difficult to change your thesis. Take a look at some research paper samples and talk to knowledgeable people before finalizing your thesis.