The appeal of all types of writing assignments relies partially on the topic of discussion. Hence it is important that the topic be chosen carefully for all types of academic research papers. An appropriate topic takes half the stress off the project. Some types of research papers can be written on any topics but there are also certain types of research papers which have specifications on the topic as well. A controversial research paper is one such assignment where the topic also has to pass the criteria to be used for the purpose.

None but a controversial topic can be used for a controversial research paper. In order to make the right choice, you need to first know what qualifies as a controversy. Wikipedia gives a very long definition of the word, which starts as “Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of opinion…” This, even though it is only a part of a long definition, somewhat captures the meaning of the word fully. Only a topic that has been debated on by the public for a long time can be called a controversy. And since the base of almost all disputes is personal opinions, most controversies are baseless.

Controversial topics are easy to find. And they all will have various angles to it. But not all perspectives would be equally interesting. The appeal of a controversial research paper highly depends on the view taken by the author. Popular and common views are not much appreciated as research paper topics unless you have something new to present about that view. This makes it necessary for you to put in some research before deciding on what stance to take on the research paper topic you choose for the controversial assignment.

In order to ascertain whether the topic qualifies as a controversy or not, you must track it back to the time it became a matter of public opinion. Just because you oppose to an existing fact does not make it a controversy. Topics are made controversial by the public and it is done over a period of time. Any topic which is discussed by the public does not become controversies. For example, global warming is a highly discussed topic but not a controversy as everyone agrees to the fact that it is harmful. Only a topic which has been debated on or argued about by the public will qualify as a controversy.

The status of the topic, at the time you choose it, also matters when it comes to a controversial research paper . There are many controversies which die down after a certain period of high publicity. Such topics will not work well unless you have a powerful argument which can revive the topic. If not, it is wiser to pick one of the most recent controversial topics as it would also be interesting to the audience.

While choosing a topic for a controversial research paper, you will be committing yourself to proving your view of the controversy. And in a research paper assignment, there is no looking back once you have committed to research on a topic. Hence before finalizing the topic, consider all the aspects carefully and then make your choice. If you are new to research paper writing, check out some research paper samples before finalizing your choice.