There are many aspects to be considered while handling a controversial research paper assignment. One of those is the careful choice of topic. The suitability of the topic rests of various factors. . Since the topic plays a big role in the impression created by your research paper, it must be chosen carefully with due consideration to all those factors.

One of the main criteria for choosing a research paper topic is that of the objective of the specific assignment. In a controversial research paper it would be that of getting to the root of a controversy. Hence only a topic that qualifies as a controversy must be chosen. A topic that has been subject to public debate for a long period of time is what comes under the term of controversy.

While choosing a controversial topic for a research paper project, the stance you take will matter as much as the topic itself. Remember that your job does not end with the picking of the topic or that of taking a stance. In a research paper, you must prove your stance. The trouble with controversies is that along with those which rise out of circumstantial evidence, there would also be a lot of them which are completely baseless. Before picking your stance, make sure that you have chosen one for which you can find evidence. Baseless versions are not only frustrating to handle but also impossible to prove.

You will also find that some angles to the controversy are more interesting than the others. Choosing an interesting stance will most certainly add to the appeal of your controversial research paper. But beware of the fact that it might not be very easy to prove the more interesting version, which would be the reason why it is interesting.

Certain controversies die down over a period of time. Some others, when proved satisfactorily, stops being a controversy. The controversies which subsided due to the absence of any relevant evidence or interesting new aspects to discuss can be revived, if you have anything new to say about it. But, if all that you know about it are the facts which are old news then you better avoid it. It would let your reader down to know that you have nothing new to contribute to the topic. Remember that a research paper is all about bringing some new aspect to light. Do not pick one that has been proved beyond doubt, unless you want to contradict it and prove your point.

The availability of credible research paper sources must also be confirmed before picking a controversial research paper topic. Without relevant and credible sources you will not be able to convince your reader. It will also help to consider what kind of topic your audience would be interested in. But even more important is your interest in the topic as you will be working on it for a rather long period of time.

Controversial research papers are not very easy to handle. It is rather easy to talk about your view of a controversial topic. But proving it is a completely different matter altogether. If you are new to research paper writing, you must go through research paper samples to get an idea of how to go about it. You must also check out research paper guides which are available online as well as in print.