When handling a controversial research paper assignment, you will find a very long list of controversial topics to choose from. Knowing the objective of the assignment and the subject area is what would help you choose the most ideal one for you. The assignment guidelines form the main criteria for choosing the topic. It will also give you an idea of the research paper requirements for the particular project which will, in turn, help you make a better choice.

Even though there are a lot of controversies that take birth and die down every day, there are some which would be relevant to your subject. You must study your guidelines to determine the level of liberty you have with the choice of your research paper topic. And staying within the permitted limits, you must choose a topic which would suit you and the guidelines of your controversial research paper, alike. Here are some examples of controversial topics which would generate interest in almost all types of audience.

• Abortion: All aspects related to abortion have been debated on for ages. This includes the legal, the economical, the political, the psychological, the medical, the moral, the social and all other possible aspects of this issue. That makes it a topic which is available to almost all subjects with the exception of just a few.

• Al-Qaeda: A topic which can be considered highly sensational is that of the failure of the governments of many countries in putting an end to the violence inflicted by one of the most feared terrorist organizations of all times – Al Qaeda. Not only have the best of governments failed to capture them, nobody has ever been able to check their progress or stop them from murdering millions of innocent people. Nobody will ever be able to forget the September 11 attack on America. The various methods they use to manage their criminal acts so flawlessly and efficiently are topics that have been debated on. Whose inefficiency is contributing their growth is also a matter of controversy. You will find many more topics in this section which can be used for your controversial research paper.

• The Holocaust: You will find many aspects of the Holocaust which are debated on. But there are also certain factors of the Holocaust which are not controversial. Hence make sure to choose an appropriate one, if you opt to pick one from this section.

• The UFOs: A topic which has become the base of many fictional works, UFOs and all its aspects and theories on it still remain controversial topics. This includes their very existence.

• The Bible: Various aspects related to the bible and the stories in the different versions of bible are highly debated topics. The very fact that so many sectors of Christianity with totally different beliefs, shows where the controversies originate from. If you are pursuing religious studies, any topic from this section would prove to be an interesting controversial research paper topic.

These are just a few suggestions of topics to give you an understanding of what type of topics can qualify as controversial. But while handling a controversial research paper assignment, you must check out all the options before closing in on one. You must take a look at some research paper samples and also refer to research paper guides to get tips on choosing a good topic.