There are various aspects to be taken care of while handling a controversial research paper assignment. One of them is the way you develop the topic. The style of writing and the efficiency with which you present the matter influences your research paper to a big extent. The tone of writing and the method of developing the topic changes from assignment to assignment. While handling a controversial topic, you must know where to start and how to develop it into an interesting discussion.

Developing a topic into a substantial theory is not a simple or easy task. The process will start with you studying the various perspectives of the topic and will go on till you successfully present the paper. Only when the audience approve of your theory, you will be able to consider it developed. Before choosing the stance which will be the base of developing your theory you must consider the possibility of you being able to prove it. If it is a topic which you have been following up for a while, it will be easy for you to decide on what stance to take. But if you are dealing with a pre-assigned topic which is new to you, it will not be so easy. You will need to ascertain the available evidence and the possibility of another view being more logically reasonable than yours, before finalizing the theory to present.

The main aspect about a controversial topic is that it would be familiar to everyone. That is an advantage for you while developing the topic as you will not have to worry whether your audience will recognize your topic or not. But there is a disadvantage also for controversial topics. Your controversial research paper will be based on your unique view of the research paper topic. Since most controversies are highly discussed, everyone has their own views about almost all controversial topics. Among your audience or readers, there could be people who have a view which contradicts yours. Your challenge would be to prove, without doubt, that your view is more reasonable than theirs.

You must start with a very legible and detailed description of your view. Your theory must sound convincing enough. And for the purpose, while developing the theory out of your topic, you must do it in a way that is comprehensible enough to your audience. Only if they understand your perspective will they be able to appreciate it. Developing a topic is all about transforming your theory into a fact. In a controversial research paper it would be about making the audience see the issue through your perspective.

In order to get your readers to understand the uniqueness of your stance, you must mention the existing views on the topic. Then explain how your view contradicts the existing ones. Give enough relevant and substantial evidence to prove that your view is better than all the others. Consider all the possible arguments that can arise and answer them in advance. Proving others wrong can make it easier to prove yourself right.

Following these research paper tips will only help you so much in successfully completing your controversial research paper. Your own intellectual contribution and logical response also matters to a big extent while handling research paper assignments. Going through research paper samples would also be helpful in giving you an idea of the whole process.