In order to frame the structure of a research paper you just need to know the basics of structuring a formal document. But to fill each part of the structure with the appropriate content, you need to consider various other factors related to research paper writing. This includes the objective of the assignment, the type of assignment you are preparing and the kind of topic you are dealing with. While handling a controversial research paper, you need to prepare the structural components with due respect to all the related aspects of such an assignment.

The introduction of a research paper, even on being one of the shortest paragraphs, is of utmost importance. While framing the introduction of your controversial research paper, you must take into consideration, the purpose of an introductory paragraph as well as the specific requirements of the assignment. You might be aware that the objective of a controversial assignment is to try to make sense of any one of the views related to a controversy. You will use the introductory paragraph of a controversial assignment to give your readers an overview of the controversy. You will also convey your own view of the issue in the introduction. But the uses of the introduction of your controversial research paper do not end there.

People grow weary of certain controversies due to excess publicity and prolonged media attention. Since you would be choosing a highly controversial topic for your assignment, chances are that it is one of those which your readers are tired of discussing. In order to capture their attention you will need to regenerate the interest in them. And if you have chosen a less publicized topic you will be facing the trouble of giving the readers a good reason to spare time to listen to something that failed to grab media attention. Either way, you are facing the task of creating interest in your audience or readers regarding what you are discussing. This must be done before you get into the discussion because in order to be able to reach out to the audience you will need them to be listening to you from the beginning. Hence, you will be using the introductory paragraph of your controversial research paper for that purpose also.

You can start by telling your audience about your topic. Tell them how it qualifies as a controversial topic. Mention the period during which it was publicized and debated on, if it is not a current issue. Give the necessary background information on the topic. Do not include any irrelevant or less important details in the introduction. An introductory paragraph must be short and precise. Wind up your research paper introduction by stating your thesis. The thesis must be stated in a single line with complete focus on your view or stance on the issue.

An interesting research paper introduction can do wonders to the response you get. And the success of a controversial research paper is fully dependent on the positive response from the audience. Hence you cannot take a chance with the introductory paragraph. Going through research paper samples will give you a very good idea of how to frame an introduction. If you need further help with your research paper project, our writers will be glad to assist you.