A controversial research paper assignment must be handled in the appropriate manner that would effectively prove the logic of your reasoning. Using the various parts of the research paper structure efficiently is necessary for the success of such an assignment. Even though you will be introducing your topic in the introduction, it is too short a paragraph to convey much. The majority of your research paper would be taken over by the body paragraphs. Since a lot of data including the main points, the evidence and your arguments would go into the body paragraphs, it is important that it is well-written and organized.

You will have to worry about only one introduction and one conclusion in a research paper. But when it comes to body paragraphs, you will be handling many of them in a single assignment. Each one of them will differ in content and objective. Hence, finding out what exactly you wish to present in the body paragraphs is the only method by which you can build your theory effectively.

While handling a controversial research paper topic you will be expected to take a particular stance on the topic. This stance must be proved to be more accurate than all the rest of the existing views. For this purpose you will need to first tell the audience all about the controversy and then show them why your view is correct. Organizing the points well in the body paragraphs is important for the purpose of conveying the idea well enough. In the research paper introduction you will only be able to give a very precise account of the topic and the discussion. It would be a very short paragraph and hence you will not be able to elaborate at all.

Since the elaborate discussion and explanation will happen in the body paragraphs, you must work on arranging the paragraphs well enough. To start with, you must link the introduction of your controversial research paper to the first body paragraph. You may either use the thesis statement for the purpose or the topic itself. Through the first body paragraph you will need to make your audience familiar with your topic. Hence elaborate on the issue and the controversial versions of it. Only on learning the various views on the topic would the audience be able to appreciate your theory on it. Hence you must talk briefly about the views which your theory contradicts.

In the following body paragraphs you can explain your view of the research paper topic and present enough evidence to prove it. The most effective way of proving your theory is to prove all the contradictory views, wrong. That way, you will be building your theory on the ruins of the opposing theories. This might not be an easy task but it is the most effective one.

It is not easy to convince someone of your views. It becomes even more difficult with controversial topics as most people have strong views on it. You will have to first uproot those views before trying to plant yours in their minds. Effective writing is a key factor in conveying the matter well enough. Going through research paper samples and taking expert advice will be able to help you to a certain extent. But it is your own writing skills that would form the base of an effective controversial research paper.