Introductions and body paragraphs of research papers mostly drain students of all their energy and time. This, in turn, makes them ignore the final part of their research paper which is the conclusion. But many students aren’t aware of the fact that a poorly framed conclusion can affect the rest of their research paper also negatively. This is even more true with controversial research papers as you are not just dealing with an issue but you are indirectly dealing with all those who have a view on the topic.

The conclusion of your controversial assignment will have more than one job to do. Out of the various purposes of a controversial research paper conclusion, the first one is that of giving your audience an overview of the discussed matter. The first two or three lines must be used to summarize the topic and its various aspects which were mentioned in your research paper. Remember that you must mention only those points which are a part of your introduction and body paragraphs. Do not mention any fresh points in the conclusion as it will make the conclusion look unfocused.

While summarizing the discussion of a controversial topic for the purpose of including it in a conclusion, you will need to be very careful about what you include and what you omit. Including the unnecessary points will distract the readers and accidentally omitting the important points will fail to convey the matter fully. In a controversial research paper, the points mentioned in the body paragraphs would be of a different nature. Along with your theory you would also be discussing the various views of other people also for the purpose of contradicting them. It will not be possible to include all of them in the conclusion. Hence pick only the most relevant ones and summarize them along with a brief reminder of the fact that you proved them wrong.

Once you have successfully provided your readers with a summary of the most important points in the document, you must move on to reinstate your research paper thesis before you wind up your research paper. This must be done with the support of all the evidence you presented in the body paragraphs of your controversial research paper. In the conclusion also it will be a thesis statement but with the difference that, the conclusion will present the thesis statement with more authority and with the support of the research paper sources.

Winding up the discussion on a controversial topic requires a tone of absolute confidence in what you are talking about. This can only be achieved by believing in what you are saying and when you are sure of the reliability of the evidence you have. Since the views on controversial topics are highly subjective, you will need to gain the trust of your audience by showcasing your knowledge of the topic as well as talking confidently about it. If you give away the impression of being doubtful about your opinion, you will not be able to convince your audience.

A controversial research paper must be handled using a different approach which would be that of proving others wrong along with proving yourself right. This aspect must reflect in all the structural elements of your research paper including the conclusion. You must also check out some research paper samples to get an idea of how to effectively conclude it.