I always enjoyed writing essays on topics picked from literature. I used to enjoy trying to get into the mind of the author, to try and interpret his or her words, which was quite challenging. As an English literature student, I enjoyed the coursework tremendously because I simply loved reading and then writing on it. But not everyone likes it.

Writing has always been my passion. I write on my own thoughts and I also enjoy writing on others’ works. I love the intricacies of a language, spoken or written. It fascinates me as to how one line, wisely written, can put forth a hundred interpretations.

I chose to learn a language as my main subject for graduation because of this immense awe I felt for languages. When it comes to languages, learning it from the book is not enough. Unless you have a flair for languages, you may not be able to master it even if you spend all your life learning it.

But again, there are people who can speak and write more than 30-40 different languages. But to become a writer, to be able to put words together in not only a meaningful way but also in an interesting manner, is not something everyone can do. There are people who are dictionaries on two legs. They might be able to give you the meaning of any word listed in the language they have mastered. But even they may not be writers unless they have been blessed with the right kind of genes. And in which case, you might end up with a badly written coursework, even if you have all the points in it.

I have met students who are really good at studies. They will have all the answers to any of the questions in the syllabus. Their coursework, each one of them, will have all the points asked for. But, I have seen these same students feeling humiliated when the teachers or professors confess that they got bored reading their answer sheets because they were right out of the book. There was nothing in it that made it unique or interesting. They had just copy-pasted it from the pages to their brain and then pasted it again on to the answer sheets.

Now, to make it interesting and to be able to give your lines a life of its own, you need to be good with words. There is no need to take it as an insult to acknowledge it if you are not a good writer. If everyone was a writer then it would not have made it to the list of professions. And not being able to write does not mean you are not a good student either. You might be the brightest in your school or university and still be unable to express yourself in words that might generate interest in others.

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