A critical analysis research paper is one that stands out from the rest of the research papers due to the nature of the research involved and its content. Even though the basic structure will remain the same, what you put into each of its paragraphs will be different from that of the other types of research papers. The introduction, being the first in the line, needs to be figured out first. While writing a critical analysis research paper introduction, you have to keep the nature of the paper and its aim, in mind.

You will be aware that the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion form the basic frame of a research paper. Even though most students are used to research paper writing assignments, they somehow don’t seem to manage a well-written research paper even after writing so many of them. And the reason happens to be that they don’t take any trouble to learn, understand or apply the basic rules of writing the research paper. Knowing how to build the structure of a research paper plays an important part in helping you prepare an impressive and well-presented document.

In a critical analysis research paper, it is even more important as the research method is very complex in this type of assignment. So the way you present it will play a big role in ascertaining the impression it creates. After the long critical analysis research procedure, when you finally sit down to prepare your final draft, first consider the nature of your assignment. You would have completed your research and come to an analytical conclusion developed through critical thinking. Now the trick is to organize the points in such a way that it becomes very interesting to the reader.

A critical analysis research paper aims at analyzing the sources, related to a particular topic, through a critical point of view. This has to be kept in mind while you construct the introduction of your critical analysis research paper. The introduction is expected to give the reader a brief insight into the contents of the paper. It should be carefully constructed to serve the purpose without exceeding the preferred size of the introductory paragraph.

The main component of your critical analysis research paper introduction should most certainly be a line which briefly explains the topic in question. In this type of research paper, you will be analyzing the information surmised by the sources, rather than use them as a support for your theory. Hence you will have to mention the sources you have studied and analyzed in the introduction. You can also briefly touch on the method of research which you used to analyze the sources, without getting into any of the details.

Remember to keep it all as brief as possible because introductions are supposed to be short and precise and a very long introduction will not give a good impression. There is also the fact that if you say too much in the introduction, when the actual discussion of the point comes in the body paragraphs, it will sound repetitive and boring.

Writing a critical analysis research paper introduction is not difficult, once you understand the point of writing an introduction. Knowing the purpose of each part of the structure will help you handle it tactfully, making your research paper a very interesting one.