A deductive research paper is one that uses the technique of deductive logic to get to the conclusion. Deductive logic, also known as deductive reasoning is different from the normal methods. You have to understand the technique and what sets it apart from the others, in order to be able to apply it effectively.

It is usually taken for granted that the students are aware of this technique as it is the most basic method of reasoning. Hence teachers do not take any extra trouble to explain it in detail to the students. The truth is that everyone knows and uses deductive methods from the time they are capable of applying logic, even though they may not be aware of it as a technique. But the unawareness of the nature of the technique usually leads to misunderstanding and incorrect usage in deductive research paper assignments. Hence it is important to understand what it is all about and how exactly it works in order to apply it in your research paper.

You must be aware that research papers normally work on the most specific aspects of the topic and deals with the factors which are unique to the topic. But a deductive method is based on the most generalized aspect of the given object or subject. The reasoning method is very easy as general facts about research topics are usually known to all. But to draw the conclusion using a general or common aspect is quite challenging, if you are not sure of what deductive thinking is all about.

Even though the method sounds too complex and incomprehensible, it is the simple thinking or basic logic we use in our everyday lives without realizing it. Our each and every action is based on this simple method of logical reasoning. For example, when you are about to keep an egg on a high surface, your mind immediately resorts to deductive thinking:

1. All round objects are prone to rolling over– This emphasizes on the most basic aspect of an egg; an egg is round in shape.
2. The object I have in my hand is an egg – This relates the first point, the shape, to the object you are considering.
3. An egg is round in shape – Here you link the first two aspects you have presented.
4. The egg is prone to rolling over – here you reach the conclusion that the egg is prone to falling over, because it is round in shape.

This is the most basic use of logic you apply without actually being aware of it. But writing a research paper using this method involves use of more complex methods of deductive reasoning. It depends on the situation and the objective of your research paper. If you have read Sherlock Holmes, you will find the detective using deductive reasoning as the main tool of his investigation. But the practical application of logic is easier than expressing it in writing.

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