Deductive research papers work on the basic logical thinking. The method of writing a deductive project also is unique to that type of assignment. Even though the basic structure of a deductive research paper is the same as any other research paper, the contents of the structural parts will be slightly different. A deductive research paper introduction will differ in its content matter due to the uniqueness of the research method.

To start with, introduce your topic to your audience. Give the relevant background information. In other types of assignments you mention the general aspects of the topic in the introduction. But a deductive assignment works on the most general characteristics of a topic. Hence you should not discuss the common features of your topic in your deductive research paper introduction. Mentioning the basic features of the topic will give away too much about your research paper, too early.

Hence, from the topic, you can straight away move on to confirming the method you are planning to use for your research, which would be the deductive method. You do not need to elaborate on the method in the introduction. Keep your introduction as short as possible. Lengthy introductions never look impressive, especially in a deductive research paper. If you write too much you might accidentally reveal too much. Mention only the specific matter, without elaborating on anything.

After introducing the topic and the method to your audience, you are supposed to state your theory. This sentence, known as the thesis statement is one of the most crucial points in your research paper. Think it over as to how you can frame your thesis most effectively. Since the method of this type of assignment is so unique, preparing a suitable thesis statement might seem to be a difficult job. But the truth is that stating the thesis in a deductive research paper is somewhat the same as that of any other type of research paper.

While preparing the thesis statement, your theory might sound far-fetched and isolated from the rest of the introduction. This is because, unlike other research papers, in a deductive assignment you will be building the theory from the most common or basic aspect of the topic. It is quite natural for the thesis, which will take form only towards the very end of a deductive research paper, to sound impossible in the beginning. But you do not need to worry because it is expected of the thesis statement of a deductive research paper to sound far-fetched and most unlikely. As you have already mentioned that you are using deductive methods, your audience will be prepared for a theory which sounds impossible to prove from the point of introduction.

Deductive reasoning is the simplest of all techniques. Hence the deductive research paper introduction will also be equally simple. You can prepare a very good introductory paragraph with the most basic elements like the topic, the method to be used and the thesis statement. Since deductive reasoning is most interesting, your readers would be eager for you to move on quickly from the introduction to the more interesting parts of the research paper. If you are not sure of how to present logical thinking in writing, you may opt for a custom research paper done according to the requirements of your deductive research paper assignment.