There is no perfect method which applies to all research papers alike. The best method to deal with a research paper depends completely on its type, topic, subject and objective. A definition research paper assignment also should be handled according to the specific requirements of that type of research paper.

In a definition research paper you define the given topic using your own judgment. This type of assignment is meant to test your knowledge of the topic in question. To be able to perform satisfactorily in an assignment of this nature it is absolutely necessary to find out all aspects of the given topic. The topic could be an object, a phenomenon and anything that can be defined. And there is hardly anything that cannot be defined. Hence it is a very common assignment for science and arts students alike, more for science students because in science everything is clearly defined.

To write a research paper of this nature you will have to first study the topic in detail. Usually a definition focuses on the permanent features of the subject than the temporary ones. A definition is generic to all that belongs to the same category unlike a description which is specific to the given object. Hence, the first step to defining something is to study the basic and most important characteristics of the given subject. Your understanding of the topic will reflect in your research paper.

Preparing a research paper outline is very important for a definition research paper because a definition is supposed to be precise and accurate. Elaborating on irrelevant points will make your definition too vague and incomprehensible. An outline will help you focus on the topic and also warn you when you accidentally stray off the main topic.

Choose reliable and known sources to assist you with your research. Since a definition is expected to be accurate, it will not be a good idea to take a risk by choosing weak and lesser known sources. You may quote the definition you borrow from the sources with proper citation but your grades will rely on your own definition of the topic. Do not get too influenced by the illustration provided by the sources. There is nothing that can make your research paper interesting than giving out your personal opinion or view in your own words. Remember that sources are only supposed to assist you. Do not let the sources take over your assignment.

Use examples to prove the accuracy of your definition of the topic. It is the best way to make your point. Good examples make it very easy for the audience to understand what you are talking about and also make the task of defining the subject easier for you. You can also link your definition to those given by the sources in order to add clarity to your idea of the topic. But, once again, do not make the mistake of making your definition look as though it was copied from one of the sources.

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