Death penalty still remains one of the most controversial topics around. It has stayed close to the top of the list always. For the same reason, it keeps coming up in academic writing assignments as a subject for research. Writing a death penalty research paper can be a challenge due to the sensitive nature of the issue.

Students get used to the exercise of writing a research paper. But as you progress in your studies, you will learn that all research papers are not alike. While writing a controversial research paper, you will get to express your view of a matter which has been subject to a controversy. Among controversial issues, there are some topics which are argued about for some time and then forgotten. But some topics remain under controversy forever. Death penalty is a topic which has never escaped the controversial column, so far.

For the purpose of writing a death penalty research paper, you will be researching on the pros and cons of this ultimate punishment method, through your own perspective. There are various angles to this subject. The nature and laws regarding death penalty differs from country to country. But in almost all countries it is considered the extreme measure of punishment.

When you start researching on it, you will be surprised at the vast choice of topics available under the heading of death penalty. It has been researched, on and again, by many researchers who belong to various sectors like law, psychology and sociology. It keeps coming up as the topic of discussion among people of all levels of society, very often and it has been observed that people have various views on this issue.

The first and most important task for you is to determine what stance you wish to take on this issue. It has to be finalized even before you extend the proposal. It has to be a well thought out decision as it will not be possible to change it half-way through your research. And since it will be a rather long procedure to write a death penalty research paper, it will be best to choose a topic and stance which you can handle.

For example, there are certain topics which might require you to visit prisons and talk to the convicts. But if you are not prepared for it, you should not take up such a topic for research. Because it will not help to just pick points from articles written by someone else, where your personal involvement is required.

You have to respect the most sensitive nature of the issue while researching on this subject. Hence you have to choose your research methodology carefully. This is a topic which is related to social and political causes, in many ways. Hence qualitative method might prove ideal for this topic.

Take a look at some sample research papers before starting to write your death penalty research paper. It will give you an idea of the content, the structure and the final look of the paper. If you give your writing assignments the due importance, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving excellent grades.