Choosing a topic for a death penalty research paper need not be much of a difficult task as there are so many issues to choose from. Since it is a subject with so many angles to it, a huge variety of topics will be available to you. But to choose a topic that suits you, you will have to do a bit of research before finalizing on your topic. And to be successful in finding the right topic for you, it is necessary that you understand the subject well.

One main reason why death penalty has remained one of the most controversial topics till date is due to the fact that once executed, there is no way of changing it. There have been cases where the convict’s innocence was brought to light after the execution. But unfortunately there is little that can be done to change the consequences of this particular punishment. The sensitive nature of this subject is the reason why you need to make sure that the topic you choose is something that you can handle.

The methods for execution of death penalty differ from country to country. The efficiency of the methods has always stayed under controversy. There have been cases where the execution methods failed, causing severe trauma to the person who was sentenced to be executed. It also put the prisoner’s family through extreme agony as they were forced to witness the execution more than once. This happened mostly due to the inefficiency of the methods used. You may choose a topic related to this issue for your death penalty research paper.

There have also been debates on the severity of the methods used for execution. While researching, you will come across various methods of execution starting from hanging to that of primitive methods like decapitation. While some methods are extremely painful, some others are fast and painless. Your stance on what should be an ideal method, for someone who has committed a crime which deserved a death penalty, could be a good topic.

Laws are regulations are also quite different in each country. The crimes which ask for death penalty also change, depending on the law of that particular nation. You can do a research on why you consider a certain crime worthy of death penalty or the other way round.

You will also find that most countries do not favor juvenile death penalty. Certain countries exempt women from death penalty as well. You could pick a country which exempts young children and women from this penalty and research on the pros and cons of this particular clause in their law.

There is absolutely no dearth of topics under this subject. But handling the subject is not very easy considering that you are dealing with a very sensitive topic. Writing a research paper is a challenging task in itself but writing a controversial research paper is something a bit more complex. Choose the topic for your death penalty research paper wisely and write the paper well, if necessary, with the guidance from experts in the field.