Writing a research paper is an exercise which will form a part of your academic life. Basic knowledge of something always becomes the stepping stone to better knowledge of it. So it is good to have the basic knowledge on the different types and styles of research paper before you face the task of writing it. One genre which you will be asked to confront is descriptive research paper. This is a slightly easier form of research writing but then there is no research paper which can be written without any effort on your part. 

Descriptive research paper, as is apparent from the name, is one type of research paper which describes a particular object or subject. It is, therefore, not so difficult as other research papers where you have to research on something and prove your point. Here also you will be doing a bit of research but you have the privilege of using just the existing data or information on the subject to complete your research paper. If it is a topic of which you have a thorough knowledge, then you might even be able to do it without much research.

You can describe the subject of research in your own words and furnish proof to substantiate or support your description. This is the part where you will need to do some research. The description should be elaborate and should have all the necessary details related to the topic. Since it is a descriptive research paper, you cannot afford to miss out on even the smallest facts about the topic.

The introduction paragraph of your descriptive research paper will consist of a brief explanation of where you are heading, as in any other research paper. Remember to be very brief here as you will need space to elaborate in the paragraphs which follow. Besides, if you elaborate on any point in the introduction, it will look repetitive when you actually get down to elaborating on it. So it is best to keep the introduction as brief as possible.

The conclusion will bring together all the elaborated details of the previous paragraphs and put it together to form the core description of the researched subject or object. Here again, you have to be precise, as in the introduction. An introduction or conclusion can never stretch beyond a paragraph and when it comes to these two paragraphs, the shorter, the better.

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will not be tolerated in any research papers hence it is needless to mention that you will have to do a good proof reading job once you are through with writing your paper. Editing is also an important part of the exercise because descriptive research papers are not free of the basic rules and guidelines of a research paper. You are obliged to stick to the given number of sheets and also you have to fill the minimum expected pages.

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